Based in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in the UK and with more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing and moulding of die cast models and hard plastic miniatures Renedra has the know-how to help make your project a reality.

Our range of services and skills is second to none and cover everything from pantography to CAD design. Most recently we have been involved in the development and manufacture of highly detailed miniature wargames models.

We can offer assistance to sculptors when designing 3:1 models to eliminate undercuts, awkward tooling situations and ensuring the model is mouldable.  Supplying CAD mould drawings, we then arrange and work with trusted Pattern and Resin makers who produce the resin copying aids. 

We offer a manufacturing service which includes producing high quality steel moulds; full tryout facilities are available as well as a moulding and packaging service all at a competitive cost to the customer.

We pride ourselves on our service to our customers and are proud to have been commissioned by Perry Miniatures to manufacture their first 28mm Plastic American Civil War figure mould.We also offer general precision engineering facilities for companies require bespoke services. Why not contact us to discuss your requirements?


Free shipping on any UK orders spending 50 or more UNTIL THE END OF APRIL 2014. Please place your order via our webstore and complete the checkout process as usual. Postage costs will be automatically added to your order but will be refunded through PayPal as soon as your order is received.

Please note this offer is only open to orders received from the UK and is for a limited time.

Please contact me if you are ordering from outside the UK and your order is over 50 to discuss discounted postage costs or if you are a UK buyer and would like to pay by cheque. (Sorry, we are unable to accept debit/credit cards).

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RENEDRA LIMITED – Plastic Injection Mould Toolmaking, Pantography, Precision Engineering and Moulding Services

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Mud-Brick House

The Mud-Brick House comes in kit form, unassembled and unpainted.



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